XRCT Limited provides an independent third party verification of shielding.

Our integrity testing is a two step process:

Step #1) Visual Inspection – XRCT Limited will come on-site during the construction/renovation phase of your project to work with the contractors to ensure lead shielding, penetrations, doors, windows and frames are properly installed according to your approved plan. The entire installation will be documented and a report provided indicating when the specific room in question is ready for drywall. This step may take several visits and all trips will be followed with documentation.

Step #2) Radiological Inspection – Using sensitive radiation detection equipment, XRCT Limited will bring a radioactive source on-site to do a thorough verification that there are no leaks, holes or gaps at seams between shielding. This is an important step as often there are changes to shielding components by contractors which can happen unbeknownst to the customer. Shielding integrity cannot be adequately assessed without a radiological inspection. These deficiencies are documented and can be used to direct remedial work by the contractor.

XRCT Limited also provides a shielding adequacy service which involves a detailed and thorough measurements of ambient dose rates in the vicinity of the installation to ensure staff and patients are appropriately protected.

Finally, we can also determine the equivalent thickness of shielding in your walls, floors, ceilings, doors, and windows through non-destructive testing using a radioactive source and radiation detectors.

Make XRCT Limited you choice for full service radiation safety and protection services today.